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What we do:

We help local communities, businesses and governments realize their bicycle travel and tourism potential. We then work with those destinations to market their experiences to the world, tapping into the $100 billion bicycle tourism industry.

How we do it:

Our destination-based approach links the best ride experiences (mountain bike, road riding, gravel grinding and sight-seeing) with local businesses, making it easy for in-destination and would-be cyclists to research, plan, book and enjoy their next cycle vacation to your destination.

Our digital platform provides a one-stop-shop marketplace and e-commerce solution for local businesses wanting to attract more bicycle tourists.

We also provide a range of professional consulting services to help destinations establish, enhance and optimize their bicycle tourism offerings.

What our destination partners are saying:

“Working with CycleLifeHQ has been fantastic! They truly understand what makes a great cycling destination and have allowed us to take a more holistic approach to improving our bike tourism promotion. Their platform allows us to present our cycling assets in a more dynamic and meaningful way, while also providing a comprehensive set of tools that will allow us to engage both visitors and locals like we never have before.”

– Lee McLaughlin, Senior Director of Marketing, Visit Tucson


For us, bicycle tourism is really about ‘hospitality’ – it’s important that cycle tourists are made to feel welcome. We achieve this through the personal interactions cycle tourists have with the local community and businesses, and also through the CycleLifeHQ platform. Because this offers a centralized one-stop-shop, businesses, services and facilities are no longer disparate. They are connected and coherent, welcoming cyclist tourists through a coordinated approach that makes it really easy for them to find information and to know what to do and what to expect in Newport’. 

– Bari Freeman, Executive Director, Bike Newport

Get started on your bicycle tourism path to success:

We’ve developed a simple 10-15 minute self-assessment survey to help you understand your current level of bicycle tourism maturity. Complete the survey, and we’ll be in touch to discuss some simple, low-cost and minimal intervention actions you can take to start attracting more bicycle tourists.

Work with us:

Find out more about how we can help you to establish and enhance your destination as a world-class bicycle tourism destination.

Contact us at [email protected] and we’ll be in touch to discuss your opportunities and possibilities.

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